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The Faithful Few Music Ministry was formed in 2000, inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ, the leader and manager of the group. Elder Charles Moorer, Jr., is God's chosen visionary of the group and the Senior Pastor of Divine Direction Christian Church.

Pastor Moorer always had a passion for music; he plays the bass guitar and sings tenor. As he developed a passion for the Lord, Pastor Moorer was determined to use his talent to serve God and minister to His people. Pastor Moorer along with fellow original group member, drummer, and Divine Direction's Assistant Pastor, Elder Forrest Wooley III, teamed up in music ministry at their former church, 28th Street Church of God in Christ and were soon joined by organist/keyboard player, Elder Reggie Strong, and lead guitar player, Gary Wilcox which produced the first line up of the Faithful Few.

The Faithful Few's primary mission is to outreach to all people across the world and not be restricted to just playing within the four walls of the church. The group has a mixture of traditional and contemporary gospel styles with a touch of jazz and funk that ministers to all age groups. The Faithful Few has accomplished many projects such as ministering and contributing at benefit concerts to bless the battered women's shelter, sickle cell patients, inmates from Marion County Jail II, senior citizens, people with special needs in the community, the Haiti Relief Service which took place at Divine Direction in 2010, and ministering on stage alongside BET's Sunday's Best contestant, Chase Stancle, at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. There are new songs that have been recorded recently which will be released at a later time to be announced. We also plan to do some traveling to various cities in the near future.

The Faithful Few is a not a group of entertainers, but a ministry full of love for God and concerned about doing His will by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

Pastor Charles Moorer, Jr. - bass guitar & vocals
Elder Forrest Wooley III - drums/percussion
Minister Carla Maxwell - piano/keyboards
Minister Kyle Maxwell - percussion
Brother Todd Bennett - lead guitar
Sister Natalie Pipkin - vocals
Sister Carmen Cotham - vocals
Sister Chelsea Moorer - vocals

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The Faithful Few Music Ministry